• Ed Hlad

Decide Now

Have you ever been afraid? Not nervous. Not concerned. But truly afraid. Powers of reason seem to be unavailable. Worse case scenarios grab a hold of your mind and they do not let go. Our lack of control of the situation is amplified and often our desire is to flee or hide. Then God speaks, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I shall not be afraid. What can flesh do to me?” Psalm 56:3,4. Our friends and loved ones quote verses like that to us. How do we respond when we are afraid? “That’s easy for you to say!” “I’ll tell you what flesh can do to can do a lot.” “Is this the promises of God in my life?” The advice to simply trust God seems trite and unhelpful.

That is why the decision to trust God needs to happen now...when you are not afraid. In most translations of these verses they translate this as a decision to be made now that will kick in when you become afraid. “When I am afraid, I will trust in Him”. That makes the decision to trust God a decision you make before you are afraid. Then when you are afraid, and not thinking clearly, the trust you decided on earlier will kick in.

That means that you must be building a case to trust God right now. You should make a list of all the times in the past when God showed his power and might to you. You can rehearse this list when fear begins to grip you. You can remind the fear how big your God is. Right now is a good time to think through and build an argument for just how much God loves you. List the evidences of that love, the demonstrations of that love in your life, and the eternal breadth of that love. Right now is a good time to become an expert in several verses that speak the truth to your heart. Verses that speak of the promises of God to his children, that speak of his power, compassion and goodness as our Father. Allow the Spirit to cement those truths in your heart so that when the fog of fear comes He can bring the light of the truth to guide your way.

Right now is the time to fight fear. Right now is the time to fight anger. Right now is the time to fight lust. Right now is the time to decide how you will act and react. The Spirit and the Word give power. Our responsibility is to allow the Spirit to use the Word of God to build fortresses of strength inside of us that are able to fight the darts of the Evil One. Remember, the time to fight is now, before the darts begin to land.


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