• Ed Hlad


I need for you to give ten minutes. Maybe fifteen. Find a quiet place, turn your phone to silent, and participate in an exercise that is essential for your joy. If you find that you are really struggling with frustration, anger or the blues, then you might need to give a good half hour in this exercise. If you have such an active mind that you find you cannot concentrate on one thing at a time, then find a friend who will participate with you.

Take your Bible into your quiet place and spend ten minutes meditating on one or more of the amazing aspects of your salvation. You could choose to meditate on your justification (if you needed a partner you could explain it to them). Justification is a legal term. Being declared righteous in God’s court of law. Redemption is another great word picture. Being redeemed from the slave market of sin. Adoption has so many beautiful aspects to it that you could spend days just reviewing it’s truths. Imputation is less colorful but for all you bookkeepers it describes the imputing of God’s righteousness to our account. That is certainly worth a few minutes of meditation. How about spending time with forgiveness, grace, mercy, or hope? Part of your meditation should include how much you deserve or merit these spiritual blessings. Maybe spend some time to think through the role you played in your salvation and the role the Father played through Jesus and the Spirit.

As you leave the room, take another look at 2020. Once again weigh the danger of getting infected with the joys of corporate worship. Face the day with the joy of the Lord gripping your heart. See your unsaved loved ones, co-workers, and friends through the eyes of Jesus. Seek to bring to them the strength that only God can bring. The gospel outweighs Covid 19, killer hornets, and political upheaval. The truths of what God has done in your life bring joy. They give strength and stability. Preach the gospel to yourselves every day. More desirable than gold.

Ephesians 1:3-14; Titus 3:4-8; Ps 103:12; Rom 8:1; II Cor 5:16-21; Jn 3:16


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