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A good while ago my daughter bought me a pretty nice gift. It is a drone with a camera. It is still sitting in the box on top of my desk. I was looking at the box the other day and trying to figure out why I never have taken it out and played with it. I love toys. Normally, I rip open the box and immediately give whatever is in the box a try. For some reason, I have never taken this toy out of the box. I keep thinking that it is too windy, what if I wreck it, will I get it stuck in a tree, and all kinds of other silly reasons. So there it sits. Is that being ungrateful? Am I communicating something negative to my daughter? I know that in some cases a gift just doesn’t fit the person that it is given to but I really like this gift. I intend to take some time one day and enjoy the gift but for now it is collecting dust on my desk.

Paul tells us, in I Cor 12, that the Spirit of God has given each believer gifts that are to be used for the common good. These gifts are perfectly designed for each person. They are given to benefit the local body of Christ that is present in each person’s life. Young, old, new Christian, and old saints are all given these gifts. Gifts from God. Specifically given for you to use to minister to others.

How sad would it be for each of us to leave the perfect gift from God, specifically designed for you, unwrapped and unused? How much does this hurt the body of Christ where you worship? I know that Covid and social distancing has made the use of our gifts harder but don’t you think God had that all planned out? He knew about the virus and it’s impact way before we had ever heard of it. The Spirit made sure that our gifts were flexible and diverse enough to be able to handle every situation in life. I know that “church” has seemed to be on pause for a while, but the use of our gifts to minister to others is never put on pause. God has given us the privilege to minister in and through our suffering. He allows us to minister through some of the busiest times of our lives. We just need to be willing to be creative and open to however God desires for us to minister.

Here is what we know...if God has given us a gift, then to open and use that gift will be for his glory and our joy. It will bring him glory, it will be for the benefit of others, and it will add to our fulfillment and joy. Use your gifts. Use them to your fullest. Be creative. You may struggle with knowing what your gifts are. If that is the case, then simply open your life and heart and seek to serve others. Use today to humbly listen to the needs of others and then use tomorrow to enter into their need. Be the hands and feet of Jesus. The issues of today never stop our ability to minister to others. They simply create new ways to be involved in others lives.

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