• Ed Hlad

I Get It Now

I have always struggled to understand some folks when they enjoy something so much that it gets uncomfortable talking to them. Their love for some kind of food, or a new gadget, or someplace is so profuse that you almost become embarrassed for them. Ice cream is good and I enjoy eating it but to describe it as paradise, exquisite, or so amazing that you can’t live without it….well, that is over the top. I appreciate the passion that some people have and sometimes wish I could be that passionate but I believe it needs to be reserved for a precious few things in life.

David, in Psalm 119, describes his love for the Word of God. Kevin DeYoung in his book, Taking God at His Word, says David, in Psalm 119, believes the Word is sweet like honey (v. 103), it is the joy of his heart (v. 111), it is positively wonderful (v. 129), and that he loves the word of God exceedingly (v. 167). Over and over David expresses his love for the Word of God, his desire for God’s Words, and then he describes his dependence on the Words of God. Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible and it is completely about how precious and desirable the Word of God is. David describes how the Word of God guides, protects, inspires, teaches, gives wisdom, and convicts. David uses action words to describe our response to these precious truths. We sing, speak, study, memorize, and obey the Word. We praise God for speaking to us and we pray that God would keep the promises in his Word.

Profuse praise for God’s Word. How about you? What words do you use concerning this precious book? Do you believe it? Trust it? Obey it? Appreciate it? Study it? Respect it? Great words. Good responses to the life-giving Words of God. If we truly act on all of those words in our life they will lead us to the response of David. We will grow to love and desire the Words of God. As we believe them, trust them, obey them, appreciate them, study them, and respect them, we begin to see them for what they are: words from a living God. We will begin to understand why Jeremiah spoke of devouring them. We will cry out with Nehemiah that without them we perish. We grow to understand David writing his longest Psalm about how precious and desirable God’s words are for us. We know of their wisdom. We rejoice in them as a great gift that sustains, guides, and protects us. We desire to pour these words out in our children’s lives so that they too would know their life-giving power. We run to them in great need. We sit with them during good times. We rearrange our lives around them. They are a firm foundation in the troubled seas of uncertainty and strife. We treasure them as God speaks to us every day through them. They are the love letter from the one we love the most. While some of the words are harder to understand or read, we still cling to them and seek our Lord through them. We love to hear them spoken about, we long to read them, and rejoice that God chose to speak in this way. We hear his love every day. They are his loving arms wrapping around us and keeping us safe until he takes us to be with him where we will speak to him face to face.

Ice cream is great but the Word of the Lord stands forever. Use today to enjoy the precious gift given to us by God. Don’t simply study or obey the Word. Learn to love and desire the Word of God.


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