• Ed Hlad

Not Enough

Yesterday I needed a mental break and so I wrote about a pedometer eating hog in England. I enjoyed the distraction and had fun just doing something less serious. Today, though, I figured I would share some of the other thoughts that have been on my heart. Maybe the swine story was not enough for you and you need some greater encouragement! After all, man cannot live on pork alone. My heart has been moved, in the past few days, to think about heaven. It is not the same as thinking about death. I am not afraid of dying any more than I am afraid of dying during non-crisis days. I admit that I am a bit nervous, if I think about it, about how I will pass from this life but the moment after that will be so glorious that I am kind of looking forward to it. But that is not what I am talking about today. I am talking about how all of the mess that we find ourselves in has reminded me that this is only my temporary home. As good as this place can be at times, it is still flawed by sin. One day, when God decides it is time, I will be in heaven with him forever. I will be with him in his mansion. Living, eating, and listening to my heavenly Father. I will be walking with my Lord and Savior Jesus. I will have all the time in the world to simply chat with them and worship them. I am curious about the Spirit of God at that time but I look forward to understanding just how God is three in one. It will be calm and peaceful and joyous. I will not feel pressured to hurry my relationship with them because all of eternity will be laying ahead of us. I look forward to sitting down and taking my time to eat with my joint-heirs. Our conversations, I am sure, will center on just how beautiful and awesome our God is. Even the light by which we see is by him. We will speak of how we love what we are doing and how every task points us to him. I believe we will look upon each other, seeing his image so magnificently displayed in us, and we will feel the amazing connection, unity, and love for each other. It will not only make us smile but will fill our hearts to overflowing. I look forward to no fears, tears, or pain. We will not fret over viruses, or money, or bad hips. I don’t even think we will have a memory of them. We will be amazed at all the colors and smells. I believe that we will work, maybe as a doorkeeper or maybe as a cook, and we will love that work. We will find our joy in the fact that what we are doing brings him great glory. Lastly, I believe I will be overwhelmed by the music. When I hear our people sing in church from the real joy in their hearts, I am moved to tears. I can hardly contain myself. It is beyond my imagination to think of the joyful singing that will take place in heaven. Angels, principalities, powers, and the redeemed singing, Holy, Holy, Holy. Can you even imagine what that tune will be like… I don’t think we long for that day enough when things are going so smoothly. We tend to white knuckle our time here on this earth. We fail to live each day as if the glory of God is our main focus. Today, in many ways, is really about tomorrow. Tomorrow affects how we live today. Our tomorrow, as believers, is awesome.

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