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Say So

I have heard a great deal about the “silent majority” lately. People who are too nervous, or are unwilling, to ruffle feathers by stating their opinions about certain issues or people. In today’s climate, I can’t blame them and would probably lean towards thinking them to be wise. As people who have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, who have been given a new life, a new start, and a secured, bright future, we are not allowed to be quiet.

Psalm 107:1,2 “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom he has redeemed from trouble, and gathered in from the lands, from the east and from the west, from the north and from the south.” This Psalm is one of three (105-107) that speak of the Babylonian captivity. Psalm 107 is the Psalm that gives praise for the deliverance of God from Babylon. While this Psalm connects with the other two, it is also broad enough to speak of the history of deliverance that God has with the children of Israel. He has literally delivered them from enemies from the north, south, east, and west. As this song was sung, the people of each deliverance would be reminded of their specific deliverance and journey back to Jerusalem. The Psalm continues with testimonies of the deliverance of God. He delivers those who wandered aimlessly. No direction and purpose. He delivers those who were in deep rebellion and were prisoners of doom. He heals and delivers those who, by their sin, were sick unto death. Unwilling and unable to eat. He delivers those who are in great peril of life. Drowning and unable to save themselves. Even as I wrote about each of these deliverances, I could not help but write them in the present tense because God is still delivering the same kinds of people today through Jesus. In each testimony of deliverance the same duty is placed on each one delivered...they were to praise the Lord for the deliverance.

Each day, especially Sunday when we gather, we the redeemed are to give thanks and to give praise for our great deliverance. We are to lift up the name of Jesus and share our story of how Jesus delivered us from wandering, prison, sickness, and peril. We are to share how he continues to do the same today. We are to sing and shout about our great deliverance so that others who are in danger can know the love and compassion of our great Savior. People are literally rioting in the streets seeking that which only God can truly provide. They need to know that there is One who can truly deliver on the promises of peace and rest. I love Psalm 107:27, “...and were at their wits’ end”. Does that not describe so many people today? Out of ideas of how to fix what seems to be attacking them. They are shouting for peace and love and Jesus is both and more.

Do you remember the pit you were in before Jesus showered you with his love and compassion? Do you remember your sad state? One thing unique about Christianity is that the longer we are saved, the more we understand just how lost we were. We don’t look back with rose colored glasses. Our eyes are forever being opened to how much we truly needed the grace and mercy of God. That knowledge, of just how lost we were, also opens our eyes, each day, to just how great and awesome his love, compassion, and grace is. We join the Psalmist in adding an exclamation point to the idea of God’s goodness that is shown through his everlasting love.

Here is a gut check. Especially since we have been missing so much corporate worship lately. Too often, corporate worship is the only time we speak of our redemption. Our singing gives the redeemed of the Lord the opportunity to say so. And that has been missing in our lives, allowing us this gut check. If you have been truly redeemed, actually delivered from the worst peril of your will talk about it. So if you are not talking about it, you have either forgotten how much peril you were in, or you have never truly been redeemed. May today be the day you talk about your most amazing relationship and as the redeemed you say so.

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