• Ed Hlad

When God Tells Us To Be Quiet

My wife has a verse hanging on our refrigerator. It comes from the book of Exodus. The story behind the verse is that the children of Israel have just witnessed the Ten Plaques of Egypt and Pharaoh has released them from bondage. God has specifically led his people into a pinch point. Mountains on two sides and the Red Sea before them. Pharaoh has since changed his mind and has sent the world’s mightiest army out to bring Israel back to Egypt. The people see Pharaoh coming and hero Moses suddenly becomes the guy who led them here to die. Moses was getting hammered from all sides: “Were there no graves in Egypt that you brought us out here to die?” “We told you this was a bad idea.” “This is all your fault.” Moses, to his credit, remembered what God had just done in Egypt and he reassures the people that God would work on their behalf. They will not have to worry about the Egyptians from this day forward. Bold thoughts for a people who were stuck between two big mountains and the Red Sea without any weapons against the world’s mightiest army. It is then that Moses said this, “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”

I don’t think the children of Israel truly forgot about the Ten Plagues. That would have been impossible. What happened was that the did not see the character of God in their deliverance. They did not see that he would always be their deliverer. So they looked to God’s spokesman and they did their best to manipulate him into getting God to act. Moses, speaking for God, assured them of deliverance and their job was to simply be quiet. Stop trying to manipulate God by complaining and expressing how dire the situation was. Learn the lesson of the plagues and trust the character of God. Their punishment was over and it was time to relearn what it meant to be the chosen, blessed nation of God.

I think many of us might be in that same situation. We have forgotten that God sent Jesus to come and live among us. That he then served us by giving himself for us on Calvary. Delivering us from the wrath of God and setting us free from the bondage of our sin. That great deliverance proves and establishes him as our Heavenly Father who has promised to only give good and perfect gifts. That promise is based on his infallible character. So when he guides us into a pinch point in our lives and the enemy is coming up from behind, be quiet and watch him deliver.

I have had thousands of conversations about the unrest in our country, the upcoming election, and Corona. That is natural and I don’t think God expects us to be quiet about those things that are stressors in our lives. We are to bring them to him in prayer. That is what the Psalms are all about. But I do think that we need to reshape our conversations so that we recognize the mighty power of God to not only deliver us but to also use all of these things for his glory. We do need to be quiet (I have worked so hard not to say shut up) and allow him to part the Red Sea in his perfect timing (not ours).

In my own life, I have been yapping to God, a lot, about what I think could happen to the Church of God in all of this mess. I have been sharing with God my thoughts about the damage that is being done. I think it is time that I be quiet and watch the work of God in his Church. He has promised to build his church and I just need to be quiet, do what he has called me to do, and watch his mighty work be accomplished. That has been my struggle. I just have two questions to leave with you:

1) What have you been yapping to God about that maybe it is just time to be quiet and trust and his character?

2) Do you think my wife has placed that verse on the refrigerator in reference to our relationship? That just seems like an unfair advantage.

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